"Dalreefer" shipping company offers effective solutions for refrigerated cargo transportations in the Far East of Russia and the countries of South-East Asia. We conduct our business 2003 year.


Our transportation geography includes Sea of Japan, Sea of Okhotsk and Bering Sea. We carry out constant monitoring of the movement of our ships. You can view the position of the vessel on the website map under "Ships".


The company operates the fleet of refrigerated cargo ships total deadweight of 40000 tons:

"Saronic Breeze"

"Kapitan Pryakha"

"Anton Gurin"

"Kapitan Kirichenko"

"Kommunary Nicolaeva"

Our vessels are perfectly adapted to the loading operations from fishing and processing shops at the open sea. You can look at specifications on the website under "Ships".


"Dalreefer" shipping company transports more than 200000 tons of cargo per year.

We specialize in transport of:

  • frozen cargoes transported at temperatures ranging from -28 to -4ºC
  • refrigerated cargoes transported at temperatures ranging from -4 to +6ºC


"Dalreefer" shipping company appreciates long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. Among our partners are:


  • Dongju Marine Corporation
  • Yokohama Trading Corporation
  • Nipporos Corporation
  • Mild Marine Corporation
  • Direct International Corporation
  • Coland Holdings Co., Ltd
  • Pacific Andes Ltd

We are aware of the importance of punctual delivery and safety of Your cargo.